Reports: the definitive outputs of our entire system

Available in real-time or historically, our selection of pre-programmed or bespoke reports provide operators with access to all the necessary data and insights required to ensure the optimal management of their gaming floor. As a result of our patented serverless technology, all data and reports are available from anywhere, and at any time, similarly, based on pre-determined access rights, users can also remotely action queries, amend configurations and / or verify data.


  • Web-browser based, resulting in no need for any proprietary client software
  • Online access means all data and reports are accessible from anywhere through the internet
  • Due to our serverless technology, all relevant data can be housed on a local database, at the operator’s group head office, or at an alternate remote location, as required
  • All game play data and reports are available for single venues, multiple venues or an operator’s entire estate
  • Easy-to-read reports can be tailored and filtered as required in the operator’s native currency or any other currency supported by the operator
  • Reports can also be viewed directly on a PC, exported to Microsoft® Excel or saved in Adobe® PDF format and printed

Financial Reports

Financial reports include all revenue and transactional data related to slots, tables, jackpots and tournaments, participation or revenue share agreements as well as the casino cash desk and cage.


Our Revenue report manages the collation and presentation of all game play data for single and multiple venues, and entire operator estates. Options include revenue reports for specific time periods or events, daily venue revenue reports, group reports, group year-on-year and / or month-on-month ticket and points liability reports, and / or ‘to budget’ reports.


The slots financial reporting module tracks all EGM transactions and events. These include hard and soft meters, bet values, note and coin acceptance, hopper fills, loyalty points, and significant events such as ‘door open’, per individual gaming position or groups of positions.


In addition to tracking fills and credits, our tables revenue reports include reporting on hourly bill drops and chip inventory, as well as game speeds, average bets, chip liability and loyalty points. We also provide separate side-bet game reports which, listed by position, detail individual performance of each side bet-game. The same reports also detail jackpot hits and identify real-time or historical table occupancy.

Jackpots and Tournaments

With the ability to manage and track all jackpot hits and tournament wins, operators can see actual payouts, theoretical win and hold comparisons and variances, as well as individual or combined jackpot contributions, in relation to total revenue.

Participation or Revenue Share Agreements

Where some or all of an operator’s EGMs function on a supplier revenue share / participation model, our reports are able fully manage all contract related data, regardless of whether the agreement is based on participation with our without reimbursement, or if it is rental-based with sales tax included or not. In addition hereto, we are also able to manage EGMs that have one or more owner, or one or more operator at the same time. Similarly, we are able to track when EGMs are moved between or within various gaming locations.


Cage Reports allow for the tracing and tracking of all inventory (totals), including any variances, per currency or chip type at the start and end of every Tables shift. All reports include transactional dates, times, types, values and the associated cardholder (player or staff member) that undertook the transaction.


Control Reports can be used to identify and troubleshoot any highlighted hardware or software problems based on any significant events and / or variances reported by our management system. These reports include bill, handpay, cashless and points variances, and big wins, aswell a cash flow report that detects variances between transactions recorded on the system and actual meter values.


Configuration reports detail extensively all current and historical data related to an individual gaming venue or area within the venue, or an entire operator’s estate, including e, slots, tables, jackpots, metering, cashless transactions, tickets and handpays. For example:


Venue reports include opening and closing times, site currency and or currencies, and coin denomination/s.


Slots reports involve manufacturer name, model, game name, coin and credit denominations, EGM currency or currencies, theoretical hold percentages, and communication protocol/s.


This report lists game type, minimum bet, average bet, and opening and closing times.


Within our jackpot configuration report, operators can view current configuration settings as well as historical changes to jackpots across both slots and tables. The report can also be used to verify meter movements against jackpot turnover, and review jackpot revenue (including jackpot provision contributions) per venue or for all venues. In addition, it allows easy access to individual, regional or group-wide revenue data, jackpot hits, participation win, total contribution and contribution per EGM.

EGM and Metering

Listed or grouped by position, manufacturer, model, game (or multi-game), revenue exception or denomination, this report provides operators with a real-time holistic view of historical or real-time EGM performance.


Similar to the information provided in our jackpot configuration report, our standard jackpot reports allow operators to verify meter movements against jackpot turnover, and review jackpot revenue (including jackpot provision contributions) per venue or for all venues. In addition, it allows easy access to all individual, regional or group-wide revenue data, configuration information, jackpot hits, participation win, total contribution and contribution per EGM.


All our drPlayerTracking and drCashless reports include the collection and collation of both player, and staff, card activity. This covers all cash and cashless transactions, as well as all cashless liability splits across cashable (redeemable) funds, promotional (non-redeemable) funds, and loyalty points.

Tickets and Handpays

In addition to the ability to view all tickets and handpays by category (pending and redeemed) within an operators venue, or across an entire operator's estate, our associated liability movement tab also displays the number and value of tickets and handpays not yet redeemed (and yet to expire) from one gaming day to the next. In addition, the general ticket and handpay overview report details all handpays including those for which no ticket may have been printed, e.g. when payments are made directly to a player’s loyalty card.

Player Tracking

Easily view and extract daily revenue, transactional and liability reports for a single venue, multiple venues or across an entire estate. All cashless gaming can be shown separately to ‘cash gaming’, if required.

Reports can also easily be segmented per loyalty programme tier level and include card balances per tier or any number of other segmentation parameters e.g. bonus points issued, vouchers redeemed, number of visits, average spend, and / or average theoretical spend. Further segmentation options include age, nationality, address, player interests and preferences. Once combined, these extracts and reports provide operators with an extremely powerful direct communications tool that allows them to engage with players on an almost one-to-one basis.

These reports can also be used to track and analyse staff cards.

Cash Desk

This report allows operators to view shift data such as float amounts at shift opening and closing times, as well as the number and value of incoming and outgoing transactions. Summary reports are also easy to access and can include data for a single cash desk position for a single day, or multiple shifts. Likewise, our reports can also identify individual transactions per player, foreign currency totals, points movements, and inter cash desk transactions.


Our pit results dashboard report provides access to all consolidated data as recorded via drTableManagement and drPlayerTracking. The report covers a pit result overview, details all fills and credits, as well as individual results per table, each in separate tabs. Reports detailing results per day or session, points issued, side-bet game reports, and player reports that collate both buy-ins at the table and cash desk  against cash out, are also all simple to configure and extract.


When comparing system generated account data with manual count totals operators can use these reports to verify said bill counts and / or coin and ticket counts. Count reports also assess tables drop and tip value comparisons captured via drTableManagement against those manually recorded in the count room.

Slot / Floor Manager

These reports provide an uncomplicated and easy-to-read dashboard that details revenue per day and per gaming position, including a broader consolidated daily report reflecting game play data for the entire gaming floor.


In addition to our gaming specific reports, we also offer a selection of wider operations reports that include:

  • Surveillance and security in respect of both staff and player management
  • Human resources in respect of staff management across not only the gaming operation, but other departments within the greater operation too


This reporting cluster serves to manage and track the junket functionality provided within our marketing module, allowing operators to access a list of active junkets and junket organisers, select a time period, and then view their game play activity.


Our raffles reports are the direct output from the raffles module within the marketing section of our management system. Data and game play activity in respect of players eligible for, and participating in, specific raffles are available in real-time, and include information such as as how many raffle tickets a specific player has been issued, the number of tickets a player may have bought, as well as how many tickets he or she may still be eligible for.


Both the gaming and marketing departments are able to receive detailed promotions information across any number of individual player or promotions specific parameters, including the allocation of points, cash vouchers and / or raffle tickets across any number of players, player types or any other player segments.

A key report feature is the ability to detail all promotions over a selected time period while providing operators with a single view of all promotions split across all reward options. These options could relate to cash, points, vouchers or free play across individual locations, specific regions or an entire operator's or group's estate.


View daily slots and table occupancies as well as daily, monthly and annual revenue comparisons, staff head counts, link status, and uptime on both slots and tables.