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Screen Management

We understand the increasing demand on operators to constantly reach out and communicate with their players when it comes to branding and positioning, direct marketing messaging or simply game play and points statements.

drScreenFull integrates directly with the EGM’s touchscreen, transforming it into an interactive tool, while our drScreenMicro and drScreenUltra provide an unparalleled player interface experience. In fact, with its vivid 1280x320 resolution our drScreenUltra is currently the largest player tracking display in the industry. Its 8.8” multi-touch screen has a built-in RFID reader that allows players to simply ‘Tap and Play’ to start and end their gaming session.



  • Web page elements like videos, banners and live television can be streamed directly to the player tracking display or the top EGM screen
  • Mystery jackpots can be viewed on the top EGM screen while jackpot hits can be viewed on the bottom EGM screen
  • Extended account information is available, ‘on-screen’ to both the player and the operator e.g. account balances, last jackpot hit values, last big wins and any other recent transactions, at any time
  • Cashless transactions take place directly on the EGM or via the player tracking display using RFID ‘Tap and Play'
  • Multi-currency and multi-language functionality ensures ease of use for players and operators alike



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