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Player Engagement

Building on the importance of rewards and the increasing challenge of gaining a sizeable share of a player’s entertainment wallet, operators need to do more than offer surprising and relevant rewards. They need to effectively tell their players about them. As a result, we continue to develop tools that assist operators in communicating with their players either individually, or on a broader scale.


Media Manager

Our drMediaManager advertisement module allows operators to submit, stream and schedule static image and video footage, as well as promotional messages directly on to the top screen of an EGM, tables jackpot displays, or on to our 8.8” drScreenUltra or drScreenMicro player interface. In addition drMediaManager also affords operators the ability to submit and schedule content on any overhead displays like TVs, jackpot displays or LED video walls.

Casino staff can also cost-effectively create their own advertising collateral using our user-friendly web interface or they can outsource their design and video creation, as required. Content can ultimately be deployed to specific EGMs, to an entire gaming floor, or to an entire operator’s estate.


  • Circulate pre-programmed, or your own, advertisements, special offers and tailored jackpots directly to players and / or specified groups of players at the EGM while they are playing
  • Arrange your own advertising playlist – stipulating what gets played, when it gets played, and where it gets played
  • drMediaManager accommodates most image and video file extensions


Social Media

Whilst drScreen provides operators with a great platform to engage with players, and share rewards, promotions details and special offers, it also provides players a platform to share their ‘news’, and operators an automated function to post jackpot wins and updates directly to social media.


  • Configure and schedule jackpot and ‘big win’ trigger values, and drScreen will automatically post them to social media from your venue account in real-time, as and when they’re ‘hit’

  • Players can ‘screen grab’ any win or jackpot and post it directly to Twitter or Facebook



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