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Financial reports include all revenue and transactional data related to slots, tables, jackpots and tournaments, participation or revenue share agreements as well as the casino cash desk and cage.


Our Revenue report manages the collation and presentation of all game play data for single and multiple venues, and entire operator estates. Options include revenue reports for specific time periods or events, daily venue revenue reports, group reports, group year-on-year and / or month-on-month ticket and points liability reports, and / or ‘to budget’ reports.


The slots financial reporting module tracks all EGM transactions and events. These include hard and soft meters, bet values, note and coin acceptance, hopper fills, loyalty points, and significant events such as ‘door open’, per individual gaming position or groups of positions.


In addition to tracking fills and credits, our tables revenue reports include reporting on hourly bill drops and chip inventory, as well as game speeds, average bets, chip liability and loyalty points. We also provide separate side-bet game reports which, listed by position, detail individual performance of each side bet-game. The same reports also detail jackpot hits and identify real-time or historical table occupancy.

Jackpots and Tournaments

With the ability to manage and track all jackpot hits and tournament wins, operators can see actual payouts, theoretical win and hold comparisons and variances, as well as individual or combined jackpot contributions, in relation to total revenue.

Participation or Revenue Share Agreements

Where some or all of an operator’s EGMs function on a supplier revenue share / participation model, our reports are able fully manage all contract related data, regardless of whether the agreement is based on participation with our without reimbursement, or if it is rental-based with sales tax included or not. In addition hereto, we are also able to manage EGMs that have one or more owner, or one or more operator at the same time. Similarly, we are able to track when EGMs are moved between or within various gaming locations.


Cage Reports allow for the tracing and tracking of all inventory (totals), including any variances, per currency or chip type at the start and end of every Tables shift. All reports include transactional dates, times, types, values and the associated cardholder (player or staff member) that undertook the transaction.


Cash Desk

This report allows operators to view shift data such as float amounts at shift opening and closing times, as well as the number and value of incoming and outgoing transactions. Summary reports are also easy to access and can include data for a single cash desk position for a single day, or multiple shifts. Likewise, our reports can also identify individual transactions per player, foreign currency totals, points movements, and inter cash desk transactions.



When comparing system generated account data with manual count totals operators can use these reports to verify said bill counts and / or coin and ticket counts. Count reports also assess tables drop and tip value comparisons captured via drTableManagement against those manually recorded in the count room.



In addition to our gaming specific reports, we also offer a selection of wider operations reports that include:

  • Surveillance and security in respect of both staff and player management
  • Human resources in respect of staff management across not only the gaming operation, but other departments within the greater operation too



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