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Using an easy-to-read and easy-to-operate dashboard, our interactive casino floor maps allow operators to effect machine and table moves, design new floor layouts and actively track significant events as they happen, for example 'logic door open', service calls or player birthdays.

On drMap each EGM configuration is easy, and once completed, a simple ‘mouse hover’ over each EGM displays everything from the machine manufacturer, turnover, return to player percentage, and current gaming session details, to hopper levels, note acceptance rates and a plethora of any other defined criteria.




Our monitoring reports provide daily slots and table occupancy data, alongside monthly and annual comparisons, staff head counts, as well as detailed slots and tables uptime information.

Regulator Access

Our web-based user interface allows regulators remote access to all relevant reports and / or game play data as defined by operators, and prescribed under the relevant jurisdiction’s legislation.



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