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Loyalty Club

Understanding the real value of a player is critical to the success of any casino, drPlayerTracking offers more player loyalty and segmentation options, and the most personalised interaction choices in the market today.

From direct marketing messaging, to the provision of game play and points statements, we help operators measure and assess player value in the best way possible, and then drive how they reward those players in a way that suits them, and in a manner that reflects their individual value.


  • Collection and evaluation of game play data from anywhere at any time
  • Real-time player-specific liability and transaction reporting
  • Loyalty programme and reward tier management (up to 8 different tiers)
  • Tailored loyalty programme and reward tier bonuses and mystery jackpots
  • Integration with drScreen means the real-time provision of tailored promotional content, special offers or jackpots directly to the EGM screen or player tracking display
  • Low maintenance contactless RFID cards



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