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Rewards and Bonusing

As players and consumers are increasingly exposed to more and more entertainment offerings, gaming operators need to ensure that they remain the preferred option. As a result, rewarding players remains central to ensuring top-of-mind recall as the favoured entertainment offering. If executed correctly player expectations are exceeded and their business secured.


Player Segmentation

Measuring player value and then defining appropriate and relevant rewards to reflect that value always drives player retention and loyalty. Our segmentation module provides numerous fields and data gathering options, resulting in an extensive repository of player information which can be mined to place the right product, right message and/or right reward in front of a player at the right time.

Data gathering options, in addition to standard game play activity include but are not limited to:

  • Number of visits to the casino
  • Number of visits to a specific EGM or table
  • Number of cash desk transactions
  • Number of player registrations
All of the above, and any other data collection criteria can be extracted within specified date parameters.


Bonusing Promotions

Bonusing remains one of the most successful ways of rewarding players at any level. The obvious truth is that players love to play. If operators can provide additional playing options at no additional cost, while at the same time creating more of ‘that winning feeling’, they ensure an experience that exceeds expectations.

Unmatched anywhere in the world, our drBonusing promotions equip operators with the best possible opportunity to make their players feel welcome, cared for and truly valued.


  • drBonusing can be scaled to accommodate single players, specific gaming floor areas, individual loyalty card tiers, special events and / or promotions
  • Ongoing player engagement creates stronger relationships and builds brand loyalty
  • Easy-to-use functionality ensures bonus sessions or loyalty points-based rewards are implemented and managed quickly and simply
  • Facilitates real-time tracking of game play data during each bonus session
  • Comparative reports can be run after each bonus session
  • Accommodates virtually any promotional purpose including rewards for players at all levels from ‘day use’ cards, to new sign-ups, or high rollers, promoting new games and events, accommodation specials, concerts, or food and beverage discount offers

  • drBonusReel games triggered on pre-defined player bet or player loss values
  • Fully configurable RTP, pay table and reel graphics
  • Reward players with cash bonuses, free play or resort vouchers



Similar to bonusing, drRaffle offers a further opportunity to surprise and reward players, and re-enforce ‘that winning feeling’. Using this module, operators can define the players to be rewarded with raffle tickets, as well as when and how they are to be rewarded.


  • Define when raffles take place
  • Customise your own ticket design
  • Define the number of loyalty points (or other means) to earn or buy tickets
  • Define the maximum number of tickets allowed per player
  • Define the time period during which tickets can be earned or bought


Free Play

In addition to bonuses, raffles, promotional vouchers and tournaments, free play is another way to reward players. Our free play and voucher module allows operators to send free play credits directly to players at their electronic gaming machine.
These credits can then be loaded to the player’s card or printed out as a ticket. Within the module operators can define certain parameters such as expiration dates and times and options like: ‘play cash first’.



Players visit casinos in search of entertainment, more specifically value-for-money entertainment. A win is a great bonus and undoubtedly makes the visit especially entertaining and rewarding; by engaging any number of players in a player tournament, operators are able to not only amplify the entertainment value, but yet again re-enforce ‘that winning feeling’.

Using our tournament module, operators can link together selected EGMs for a pre-determined time, allocate free play credits, and host a tournament between players on these EGMs, as and when they see fit.

During and after the tournament participating EGM rankings can be displayed on any linked multimedia on the casino floor, like our drScreen player interface, overhead video wall or television displays, or on the top screen of the EGM itself.


  • Up to 256 EGMs can be assigned to a single tournament
  • Free play credits are transferred directly to each tournament EGM
  • Free play credits can be used on any EGM on the casino floor regardless of manufacturer, model, denomination or game
  • Awards are freely definable as either cash or non-cash
  • All progressive jackpots remain active during the tournament and can be ‘hit’ as usual


Player Kiosk

A simple and easy to integrate player loyalty self-help kiosk software solution.


  • Quicker and more convenient player engagement
  • Allows staff to focus more on other areas of customer service
  • Reduced queues ensure players spend their time playing
  • Consistent service quality all day every day
  • Multi-language player interface

  • Access points status and game play history
  • Update contact information
  • Track voucher redemptions and purchase special event tickets
  • Access personal rewards, promotions, and bonus allocations



As junkets form a large part of many casinos’ marketing and promotional activities, we designed a rewards module to specifically track and trace individual junket organisers. It operates in exactly the same way as tracking and tracing a regular player, however, a key differentiator is the manner in which the junket organiser is rewarded and how that reward is measured.


  • Define date parameters
  • Define the rate or percentage per player level (or points earned) on which the organiser earns commission
  • Allocate several junket groups to a single organiser at the same time



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