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Our robust and flexible systems offering ensures that operators are able to define parameters, amend user access and licence keys, and update and change various other details relating to individual EGMs or individual tables. This functionality then extends to the entire gaming floor and its associated support services.
Our proprietary drSMIB (on which all edits are undertaken) automatically synchronises with all other drSMIBs in the network as soon as any changes are made, in so doing ensuring data redundancy.


Site and Operations

Site and operations parameters usually include the name of the casino group, the name of the casino itself, the currency or currencies used at the casino, and access PIN requirements. It also includes gaming-specific parameters such as celebration lock-ups, credit meter limits, downtime alert times, player ‘cool down time’ if required, note and coin acceptor settings, card usage settings and promotion settings, for example ‘play cash ahead of free play credits’.



Player and staff user settings are fully configurable within our system. These can be managed against casino operating hours, shifts, operational and / or configuration access to the system, and to certain levels within the system configuration itself. Individual user and group profiles can then be configured and associated with specific access rights within the system, thereby ensuring exclusive individual (or group) user access to specifically defined functionalities.


Licence Key

Licence key configuration within our system ensures:

  • Correct governance of user feature access
  • Number of devices and drSMIBs
  • Duration of a specific licence or licences
Once the licence key details are defined and agreed, all details are made available and visible to the operator.


Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM)

A key management tool for any gaming operator is the ability to easily configure their gaming floor. The ability to then extract game play data from as broad a scope of traceable parameters as possible is then equally important in order to analyse performance in an ongoing effort to enhance player enjoyment, and operator returns. This is what impacts your bottom line. Our EGM configuration model contains an extensive number of EGM-specific parameters and an almost endless array of reports and reporting options.

Parameter examples include:

  • Serial numbers
  • Denomination
  • Hold percentage
  • Protocol details
  • Manufacturer name
  • Machine type
  • Maximum bet
  • Line configuration
  • Player tracking
  • Position and inventory identification
  • Power management
  • Note acceptor and / or printer configuration



Our ability to accommodate more than one game play currency at a time is an integral feature of our casino management system. As a result, the configuration of this feature is essential. Within this module, operators wanting to offer their players multi-currency gaming, can select their ‘source’ currency, then their ‘target’ currency, or currencies, along with any applicable exchange rate/s.


Access Control

Access control configuration allows operators to define the specific EGM access trigger device. For example:

  • Two doors open
  • One door open and one signal (optical or acoustical)
This module can also be used to control player access.



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