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Tables Management

Operating seamlessly with our accounting, cage and reporting modules drTableManager’s rich features provide full sight of all table game play activity, at all times, and in real time. Uniquely patented, our serverless gaming and management system solution guarantees operators no downtime.


  • All key table game play and monitoring metrics are available in real-time, at any time.
  • drTableManager is designed to easily adapt and amend its reporting to accommodate not only Roulette, but Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat too.
  • Award loyalty points to tables players through a simple configuration that allows operators to engage directly with players, and reward them accordingly.
  • Allocate double loyalty points to players of our side-bet tables games.
  • Interfaces directly with drCage, tracking and consolidating all cash and card transactions between players and automated or live cashiers.



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