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Player Tracking

Easily view and extract daily revenue, transactional and liability reports for a single venue, multiple venues or across an entire estate. All cashless gaming can be shown separately to ‘cash gaming’, if required.

Reports can also easily be segmented per loyalty programme tier level and include card balances per tier or any number of other segmentation parameters e.g. bonus points issued, vouchers redeemed, number of visits, average spend, and / or average theoretical spend. Further segmentation options include age, nationality, address, player interests and preferences. Once combined, these extracts and reports provide operators with an extremely powerful direct communications tool that allows them to engage with players on an almost one-to-one basis.

These reports can also be used to track and analyse staff cards.



Our raffles reports are the direct output from the raffles module within the marketing section of our management system. Data and game play activity in respect of players eligible for, and participating in, specific raffles are available in real-time, and include information such as as how many raffle tickets a specific player has been issued, the number of tickets a player may have bought, as well as how many tickets he or she may still be eligible for.



Both the gaming and marketing departments are able to receive detailed promotions information across any number of individual player or promotions specific parameters, including the allocation of points, cash vouchers and / or raffle tickets across any number of players, player types or any other player segments.

A key report feature is the ability to detail all promotions over a selected time period while providing operators with a single view of all promotions split across all reward options. These options could relate to cash, points, vouchers or free play across individual locations, specific regions or an entire operator's or group's estate.



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