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Access Solutions

Manage who enters your premises, measure their temperature, and assess their wearing of a mask; whilst at the same time controlling footfall.



drGate is an automated and integrated access control, footfall management, and player engagement tool. It is designed to not only manage player registration, but to also provide operators with a further touch point to surprise and delight their players.


  • Track carded and non-carded player access
  • Reward players as they enter or exit your casino
  • Communicate special events and promotions
  • Prevent undesirables from gaining access to your establishment

  • Integrated 8.8” drScreenUltra player interface
  • Programmable and tailored ticket printing
  • Built-in RFID reader
  • Secure, yet aesthetically pleasing
  • Retractable optical glass



drGateCam offers the non-contact and automated ability to assess staff or customers’ wearing of a mask, as well as their body temperature ahead of entering any premises; the perfect tool to assist staff, visitors, and customers in better managing their safety, and the safety of those around them.


  • Ensure that all visitors are wearing masks
  • Manage the number of persons entering
  • Assess the body temperature of all persons from as far as 1m
  • Auto alarm when temperature levels exceed set parameters
  • Can operate standalone, across a network, or via an API interface
  • 1 Door ‘open’ signal output for system integration


  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • 1:1 Face recognition accuracy rate of > 99.7% in <0.5s
  • Live face and mask detection accuracy rate of 98.3%
  • Infrared body temperature assessment takes <5s
  • 8” IPS LCD screen



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