Funds and controls for players and operators


At DRGT™ we believe that in time all operations will be cashless. If the move to coinless, which has positively impacted customer satisfaction, overall player experience, operational costs and downtime is anything to go by, the progression to cashless is both inevitable and logical.

Designed to meet the evolving needs of players and operators, drCashless offers maximum player convenience and higher operator revenues.


  • Significantly reduces costs due to the elimination of any coin handling
  • Further reduction in smart player card costs with a move to RFID cards
  • Players enjoy quick and easy ‘Tap and Play’ access to their funds
  • Enhanced player experience with increased ease-of-player movement between EGMs
  • Lower EGM maintenance and repair requirements
  • A variety of customer interface display options ensure high levels of direct and personalised marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Direct interface with automated teller and cash handling machines


drTicket is our unique, patented, serverless ticketing solution. Guaranteeing operators no downtime, it also provides players with a safe and easy way to start and end gaming sessions, and transact ‘cashlessly’ between multiple EGMs and tables, and operator venues.


  • High levels of cash and transactional security
  • Increases game play due to ease-of-player movement between EGMs
  • Increases machine up-time because of fewer coin-related mechanical failures
  • Enhances marketing opportunities through promotional play, dedicated bonusing and mystery jackpots
  • Direct interface with automated teller and cash handling machines


At the heart of our product fleet, drAccounting ensures the efficient and simple configuration and management of your entire gaming floor. This gives you the power to track all game play activity on slots and tables and easily follow and act on events, activities and exceptions in real-time. While real-time access allows operators sight of all activities as they happen, meters and events are continuously retrieved, stored and time-stamped to ensure always accurate online historical reports.


  • Maximum exposure to all game play data and events through online meter collection and real-time monitoring
  • Full sight of all gaming floor activity at all times from any location
  • Automatic integration into all major EGM brands’ communication protocols
  • No need to acquire costly server infrastructure for either slots or tables
  • Efficient handpay management
  • Fully integrated, ticket, bill, coin and cashless count verification
  • Automated tracking of all tables fills and credits
  • Automated hourly count and chip inventory tracking
  • Accurate, detailed, and easy-to-read historical and real-time online reports
  • Full player tracking functionality across slots and tables


Our modular Gaming Management System solution allows you to track and manage your slots and tables product performance and offering through drAccounting and drReports. This capability is key to the success of any gaming operation as is the safe, accurate and reliable handling and tracking of all monetary transactions. drCage is a complete end-to-end solution that tracks and consolidates all cash and card transactions between your players and automated and or live cashiers, the cage, EGMs and table games.


  • Web browser and PC-based - no client software or server is necessary
  • Reports are internet accessible
  • Full visibility of all cash movement
  • Maximum security and access to all cash desk transactional data
  • Quick, accurate, and reliable handling of all cashless transactions
  • Player and staff card personalisation
  • Real-time synchronisation of all cash balances
  • Multi-language support

Roaming Cashier

drRoamingCashier in an android mobile phone or tablet application that allows operators to engage and transact with players anywhere on their gaming floor, providing them with the exact same service offering as at the casino cash desk or cage, but from the comfort of their favourite EGM or table game.

Transaction Kiosk

The drTransactionKiosk is a self-service payment terminal at which players can print cards or tickets, or make use of personalised bank cards without requisite interventions from any casino staff. A touchscreen user interface makes it easy to use, and operators are able to customise the interface to meet the style requirements and needs of their individual casino/s.


Our robust and flexible systems offering ensures that operators are able to define parameters, amend user access and licence keys, and update and change various other details relating to individual EGMs or individual tables. This functionality then extends to the entire gaming floor and its associated support services. Our proprietary drSMIB (on which all edits are undertaken) automatically synchronises with all other drSMIBs in the network as soon as any changes are made, in so doing ensuring data redundancy.

Site and Operations

Site and operations parameters usually include the name of the casino group, the name of the casino itself, the currency or currencies used at the casino, and access PIN requirements. It also includes gaming-specific parameters such as celebration lock-ups, credit meter limits, downtime alert times, player ‘cool down time’ if required, note and coin acceptor settings, card usage settings and promotion settings, for example ‘play cash ahead of free play credits’.


Player and staff user settings are fully configurable within our system. These can be managed against casino operating hours, shifts, operational and / or configuration access to the system, and to certain levels within the system configuration itself. Individual user and group profiles can then be configured and associated with specific access rights within the system, thereby ensuring exclusive individual (or group) user access to specifically defined functionalities.

Licence Key

Licence key configuration within our system ensures:

  • Correct governance of user feature access
  • Number of devices and drSMIBs
  • Duration of a specific licence or licences
Once the licence key details are defined and agreed, all details are made available and visible to the operator.

Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM)

A key management tool for any gaming operator is the ability to easily configure their gaming floor. The ability to then extract game play data from as broad a scope of traceable parameters as possible is then equally important in order to analyse performance in an ongoing effort to enhance player enjoyment, and operator returns. This is what impacts your bottom line. Our EGM configuration model contains an extensive number of EGM-specific parameters and an almost endless array of reports and reporting options.

Parameter examples include:

  • Serial numbers
  • Denomination
  • Hold percentage
  • Protocol details
  • Manufacturer name
  • Machine type
  • Maximum bet
  • Line configuration
  • Player tracking
  • Position and inventory identification
  • Power management
  • Note acceptor and / or printer configuration


Our ability to accommodate more than one game play currency at a time is an integral feature of our casino management system. As a result, the configuration of this feature is essential. Within this module, operators wanting to offer their players multi-currency gaming, can select their ‘source’ currency, then their ‘target’ currency, or currencies, along with any applicable exchange rate/s.

Access Control

Access control configuration allows operators to define the specific EGM access trigger device. For example:

  • Two doors open
  • One door open and one signal (optical or acoustical)
This module can also be used to control player access.

Screen Management

We understand the increasing demand on operators to constantly reach out and communicate with their players when it comes to branding and positioning, direct marketing messaging or simply game play and points statements.

drScreenFull integrates directly with the EGM’s touchscreen, transforming it into an interactive tool, while our drScreenMicro and drScreenUltra provide an unparalleled player interface experience. In fact, with its vivid 1280 x 320 resolution our drScreenUltra is currently the largest player tracking display in the industry. Its 8.8” multi-touch screen has a built-in RFID reader that allows players to simply ‘Tap and Play’ to start and end their gaming session.


  • Web page elements like videos, banners and live television can be streamed directly to the player tracking display or the top EGM screen
  • Mystery jackpots can be viewed on the top EGM screen while jackpot hits can be viewed on the bottom EGM screen
  • Extended account information is available, ‘on-screen’ to both the player and the operator e.g. account balances, last jackpot hit values, last big wins and any other recent transactions, at any time
  • Cashless transactions take place directly on the EGM or via the player tracking display using RFID ‘Tap and Play'
  • Multi-currency and multi-language functionality ensures ease of use for players and operators alike

Player Registration

drMember provides a quick and accessible interface for operators to register players and issue loyalty cards, or simply re-issue new cards to existing players. A passport and ID scanner pre-populates most fields and, in the event of the player’s identity document not including an image, our integrated camera ensures a smooth and simple registration experience.

Player Self-registration

drSelfRegistration is a quick and easy way for players to register themselves. Once registered, they can then redeem vouchers, rewards or raffle tickets as and when it suits them.


  • Significantly reduces time spent and staff required on initial member registration
  • Scan players personal identity documents
  • Pre-emptive address population
  • Review and edit personal information
  • Staff only validate registration and print card
  • Self-registration takes 2 minutes or less with almost 100% of all input undertaken by the player