Slots Management

Slots floor management was the starting point for DRGT™ in 2003, and remains the backbone off of which all our further systems, marketing and tables development has spawned.

Our state-of-the-art management systems are developed in order to provide operators with cutting-edge technology that is robust and user-friendly, and player solutions that are reliable. In addition to our vast array of operations functionality and marketing and communications tools, our slots management tools leverage our serverless technology to ensure operators are able to easily install, track, manage and report on all EGM activity.


  • Easy 'Plug and Play' configuration
    • Automatic communication protocol detection
    • Automatic EGM parameter detection (denomination, RTP%, game etc.)
  • Multi-game and multi-denomination reporting
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Individual EGM audit meter reporting
  • Asset tracking and machine movement history

Tables Management

Operating seamlessly with our accounting, cage and reporting modules drTableManager’s rich features provide full sight of all table game play activity, at all times, and in real time. Uniquely patented, our serverless gaming and management system solution guarantees operators no downtime.


  • All key table game play and monitoring metrics are available in real-time, at any time.
  • drTableManager is designed to easily adapt and amend its reporting to accommodate not only Roulette, but Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat too.
  • Award loyalty points to tables players through a simple configuration that allows operators to engage directly with players, and reward them accordingly.
  • Allocate double loyalty points to players of our side-bet tables games.
  • Interfaces directly with drCage, tracking and consolidating all cash and card transactions between players and automated or live cashiers.

The world’s widest selection of jackpot configurations


Wide-area technology has afforded us the ability to develop and provide in excess of 15 (fifteen) different jackpot solutions across not only individual gaming floors, but entire gaming estates. What this has done for the player is allow them the opportunity to play for a far bigger jackpot that pays more often. There is simply no bigger drawcard for any gambler.

Our capability is evidenced by the fact that our biggest single jackpot customer to date has our product installed in more than 5 000 devices across over 100 venues.


  • Most extensive global offering of both local and wide-area progressive jackpots
  • Linked progressive jackpots across a single casino floor, multiple venues or across an operator’s entire estate
  • Progressive jackpots on single electronic gaming machines (EGM)
  • Standard cash or prize mystery jackpots
  • Time-based cash or prize mystery jackpots
  • Occupancy-based cash or prize mystery jackpots
  • drJackpots’ system architecture provides almost limitless mystery and progressive jackpot options

  • Guaranteed hits provide a more exciting gaming promotions experience and can be configured by operators within a specific time period
  • All mystery jackpots can be hosted exclusively for loyalty club membership card holders and configured to cater for specific loyalty programme tier levels at specific times, or
  • Concurrently at different jackpot values to ensure that specific levels of players are rewarded within specific thresholds
  • Real-time access to all game play data for all jackpots or a specific jackpot provides insight into all associated game play activity, and all associated jackpot players, at any time


Extending our world-leading slots jackpot technology to tables was an obvious evolution. BlackJack11s is a simple, fast, and easy to learn and configure tables jackpot solution.


  • Fully configurable reward, mystery and jackpots levels with flexible return to player options
  • Linked mystery jackpots across all table games, across slots and table games, or across a wide-area
  • BlackJack11s has almost no impact on any existing primary game speed
  • Extensive reporting means operators can extract the exact revenue and game play data from each game in real-time
  • Double player loyalty points for jackpot game players
  • Our patented serverless solution ensures no risk of downtime
  • Present advertisements, special offers or any other messages directly to the jackpot display

  • 100% mystery jackpot configurable; offering single table, single venue, multiple venue, or a wide-area mystery jackpot/s across an operator’s entire estate
  • Operators are able to fully configure return to player percentages and jackpot thresholds, as well as offer bonuses and determine hit frequencies
  • drSensor is a casino chip sensor and multi-colour game indicator rolled into one
  • Driven by its own dedicated communication software, drSensor provides fast synchronised lighting effects as games are played and jackpots won
  • As a 100% standalone side-bet game, operators can switch between BlackJack11s and standard BlackJack at the touch of a button'


Using an easy-to-read and easy-to-operate dashboard, our interactive casino floor maps allow operators to effect machine and table moves, design new floor layouts and actively track significant events as they happen, for example 'logic door open', service calls or player birthdays.

On drMap each EGM configuration is easy, and once completed, a simple ‘mouse hover’ over each EGM displays everything from the machine manufacturer, turnover, return to player percentage, and current gaming session details, to hopper levels, note acceptance rates and a plethora of any other defined criteria.


Our monitoring reports provide daily slots and table occupancy data, alongside monthly and annual comparisons, staff head counts, as well as detailed slots and tables uptime information.

Regulator Access

Our web-based user interface allows regulators remote access to all relevant reports and / or game play data as defined by operators, and prescribed under the relevant jurisdiction’s legislation.